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Dancing Humanoid Robot by Hiwonder

Today I will show you our Humanoid Robot How to Dance.

Dance video


(1) The abundant of sensors: Integrated ultrasonic sensor, micro servo, infrared remote control, acceleration sensor, sound sensor, infrared sensor and grayscale sensor.

(2) Using high precision plug-in digital servo. High precision, large torque,and the use of plug line wiring make the process of servo replacement become convenient. The design of plug-in line allows us to choose the length of wiring, not only easy but with a nice appearance.

(3) Exrta-long battery life :The robot can keep running for over 2 hours.

(4) Easy Wring: Using Arduino integrated adapter board. we have prepared an Arduino adapter board, which can be directly installed on the robot. The sensor interface is reserved above, which greatly reduces wiring troubles.

(5) Programming:We free provide PC-side visual programming software to make programming simple and efficient!

(6)Detailed teaching video. Even if you are ignorant of the field covered by the robot, as long as you are interested in and want to have a try, our free teaching video will help you be familiar with all the operations.

more details:    Hiwonder Humanoid Robot

more pics:

Hiwonder Robot

Hiwonder Robot

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